Elementorstrap A Theme for Elementor Built on Bootstrap

ElementorStrap A Bootstrap Based Theme for Elementor

Update 5.03.2017

Now that the $49 one click Elementor websites are growing in number, it has become clear that there is a need to pick different professionally coded themes for the different target markets. Right now I’ll be using Shaped Pixels Free Themes and GeneratePress.


Update 4.20.2017

Some time ago I wrote that Themes should be left to Professional Theme Authors who have a track record for delivering quality themes with regular updates. Now that I’ve spent a month “writing” my own theme. I’m convinced I was right. I’m abandoning the “Elementorstrap” theme and going with GeneratePress for Fast Fix Web Design $49 One Click Elementor Themes. ?


I wrote recently of my disappointment in Shaped Pixels change of ownership and my decision to write my own theme for my $49 Elementor Websites with One Click Installations. The theme is based upon Holger Koenemann’s Understrap and the first One Click Install Elementor website will be for the Healthcare industry, Health because Fast Fix Web Design has been doing a ton of start up healthcare sites!.

I chose the Understrap theme as a basis because it is based upon Bootsrap and I’m very good with writing Bootstrap websites and adjusting the look of themes that are based upon Bootstrap.

After making template changes for Elementor, I like everything about the theme except the header. I’d like it to be transparent until scroll. And I’d like the color of menulink and the background on scroll to be configurable. As it is, it is just a black background with white active menu links and gray inactive menu links. 

theme for elementor websites

That means it is time to learn how to code the WordPress Customizer. I’ll come back to this topic when I figure that out. .