Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

Clean, Crisp, Powerful Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

This week Fast Fix Web Design launched a new subdomain, Free Fast Fix Web Design. The purpose of the new site is to provide small businesses with quality free pre-built websites. Fast Fix already offered quality model websites for a price. They often included a Premium theme that would have cost the user $59 or more and, if installed by Fast Fix, Elementor Pro which would have cost the user $49 for 1 site. So the Model options all had a minimum value of at least $108 within the price.

The new Free Fast Fix pre-built sites only include Free Themes of which the majority are from Shaped Pixels, the Free Elementor Pagebuilder and a lot of great Free Plugins. The value that Fast Fix is giving away is the time it takes to build each site.  Everything else is free stuff that anyone can get online. 

But the amount of work that goes into each of the free pre-built websites is $$$. Based on the number of pages, use of front page sidebars and images, it looks like at least a $1200 man hour cost per site. It’s a pretty good deal for most new WordPress site owners to get a site that would cost at lease $1200+ to have built, for free. ?  ?  ?  ? .  My estimate is probably way too cheap. All you have to do is search for how much work to develop a 4 page wordpress site and you’ll find may estimates like the one from How Much Should I Charge to Develop a WordPress Website which has an interesting interim conclusion that “Well, to estimate any website cost would sound bit insane. One cannot fix the price of any website as it depends on the functionality you integrate and the specifications you mention for development. Still, overall estimate to develop WordPress website would cost you around $1500 to $20,000 respectively.”

In other words, the value of the pre-builts depend entirely on how close they come to what the downloader wants from a website. Just like paid pre-builts, free pre-builts are only a foundation and framework that make it easier for the novice user to build something good. In general, anyone gets a better website by hiring a professional and working with them, iteratively, to create the perfect site for them.

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