Wix, Squarespace, etc versus Elementor WordPress Sites

WordPress Elementor vs Wix, Weebly, Namespace, etc.

Some time ago I wrote a post about Elementor making me competitive with WordPress versus those who use website builders like Wix, Namespace, Weebly, etc. Today I had the opportunity of working on Amazon book marketing and the Facebook page of a client who has a Wix website. It’s a pretty site but it isn’t as pretty or […]

Elementor VS Themes, Advantages

elementor vs themes

On my WordPress Website Development Business website, Fast Fix Web Design, I’m selling Elementor Pre-Built Websites because I’m convinced website pages built with Elementor are a better fast, beautiful website building solution than premium themes with dummy shortcode pagebuilder demos.   In general, all of those sites use a shortcode based pagebuilder. Even when those […]

Clean, Crisp, Powerful Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

Pre-Built Websites for Small Businesses

This week Fast Fix Web Design launched a new subdomain, Free Fast Fix Web Design. The purpose of the new site is to provide small businesses with quality free pre-built websites. Fast Fix already offered quality model websites for a price. They often included a Premium theme that would have cost the user $59 or more and, […]

Introducing Fast Fix Web Design

Fast Fix WordPress Web Design

I’m launching a new Web Design business today, Fast Fix Web Design. MikeGriffin.me has been good to me and I’m not complaining about business, in general. But I’m getting more requests for fixed price fully customized websites. The majority of the developers in that business do custom themes. I could have gone that route but I’ve just seen […]

Elementor, HTML, PHP, CSS and Competent WordPress Website Development

The Path to Becoming a Top WordPress Developer Recently I’ve been seeing more and more crap from sites that clients bring to me because they are unhappy with them. I am also really tired of the garbage that GoDaddy, Fatcow, Bluehost and others load into WordPress when someone choses their “WordPress Hosting” option. Of course I have […]

Best In Class WordPress Developer

Mike Griffin, Best In Class WordPress Developer

The one thing that using Elementor has done for me is expose me to interesting comments, posts, questions and answers from the different kinds of WordPress Developers. There is no generally accepted differentiation but the five different types of WordPress Developers outlined in this article or the 7 different types outlined in that article give you a good […]

Competing with Wix Weebly Sitebuilder Squarespace etc etc etc

Elementor Makes Me Competitive – Nice ? Some time ago, I saw that my daughter had put up a website for her sidebusiness. OUCH. I’m in the WordPress Site Business. Why hadn’t she come to me? Because she wanted to DO IT ALL HERSELF. So she chose one of those Website Builder SaaS sites where […]

Twas brillig and the slithy toves – Crazy WordPress Designers

Recently I’ve been amused by the difficulty many WordPress users, often people who make money creating sites, have with “fixing” stuff that isn’t quite right with Elementor. The beauty, to me, of Elementor is that it is heavily CSS dependent. The vast majority of the “CSS” is created in the background for the user when the user […]

Using Elementor When WordPress Removes the Page Slug from the URL

***UPDATE 8.23.16: This is not a general phenomenon. There are only some hosting site configurations that do not allow Elementor to find the static front page for editing. If you encounter this, you will need to switch off the static front page in the Customizer. Then you can edit the page you created in Elementor, save it, and […]