Elementor eCommerce Website

$49 eCommerce Website 1 Click Installation

Fast Fix Web Design recently announced the release of an easy to install and customize one click Elementor eCommerce website. Most users find it hard to get started with eCommerce websites. There is a lot to build and a lot to understand. So Fast Fix used a power eCommerce ready free Theme, Influential-Lite together with WooCommerce and Elementor to build a site that is both ready to use and easy to use with a large number of shop configuration options.

Shaped Pixels buil the Influential-Lite theme with three templates for the shop page that make it easy to copy typical WooCommerce presentation pages. The templates offer a Full Width, Right Column and Left Column format. Once the site is installed, the user can change the defaults in the WordPress Customizer. The theme also offers three looks in its header options and a footer with code that automatically updates the copyright year. The Elementor eCommerce Online Shopping site demo is at One Click Online Shopping.